About Us

Our Mission

To elevate the member experience for the club industry.

Our Passion

We are passionate about helping clubs and equipment manufacturers understand, appreciate and leverage clients’/members’ needs, wants, and personal journeys, leading to a more engaged and loyal client/member base, happier employees, and long-lasting profitability. Everything we do is driven by our belief that human connections are the longest lasting and most profitable.

Our Values

Excellence – we challenge ourselves to be the best and to deliver the best on behalf of our clients
Innovation – we continuously seek to grow our knowledge and bring new ideas to fruition for our clients
Passionate Execution – we are fanatical about providing quality solutions for our clients
Numbers Driven – we leverage the data in bringing forth executable solutions for our clients
Partnering for Success – we partner with you in your journey to greatness

Our Tenants

Insight - Data can tell you a lot, but it can’t speak to you. We have the instinct and experience to decode the numbers and tell you what your members and employees are really saying.
Inspiration - Finding the intangible qualities that turn members into brand fanatics, and employees into apostles, takes an empathy and passion you can only find here.
Impact - Our unique, human-focused approach has helped clubs and manufacturers across the globe reap the benefits of increased member loyalty, higher employee retention and productivity and greater business profitability.

In the News

ClubIntel Invited to Speak on Organizational Change at IHRSA's 2015 International Convention and Trade Show

IHRSA 2015 Speaker

ClubIntel Launches Online Book Store

ClubIntel launches online book store where visitors to the website can now purchase books and DVDs authored by ClubIntel's two founders.

ClubIntel and InMoment Establish Formal Relationship

Insightful Videos

View our video clips from our upcoming video series.


The Power of Boutiques

The Power of Boutiques provides an inside look at what makes boutique fitness studios such a disruptive business model in the health/fitness club industry.

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